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Download a summary of The Single Sales Principle, the best-selling book by Lammore founder Mark Blackmore, and the foundation of the Principled Selling Series philosophy and learning programs, a compelling insight into the profile of a 21st century sales person.

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Online Supported Self Study

Set your own learning deadlines but know that scheduled tutor support is available to enhance the learning process

Online Tutor Led

Replicating a scheduled and fixed duration classroom environment with collaborative online tutor led sessions

Workshops & Keynotes

From in person classroom training to inspirational live sessions to kickstart your event

Customized Programs

Build your own program using the module library from the Principled Selling Series to meet specific team based goals and challenges

Pilot Programs

Lammore incentivizes you to not just consider our sales development solutions but actively participate in them

Learning Grants & Scholarships

Enquire about our financial aid opportunities for appropriate organizations and individuals

The principled selling series

The Principled Selling Series is the proven 21st century approach to client centric selling, endorsed by the UK awarding body The Institute of Sales Management and Highly Commended by the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards

Program 1 - Creating a Winning Proposition

All to often business people struggle to make an impact because they haven’t answered the question, “why me?” This program considers the psychology of sales and what drives clients to make purchasing decisions, and motivates them into making purchasing decisions.

Program 2 - 5 Steps to a Successful Sale

Selling is as much of a science as chemistry. If hydrogen is add- ed to oxygen in the right proportions the end result is water. Successful selling is no different and this program builds on the Principled Selling Series formula to grow sales results. Specifically the 5 steps - “Engage, Excite, Probe, Propose, Close.”

Program 3 - Closing the Sale

The process of negotiation and agreement is in fact the same whether you are buying or selling. This program is focused on the creation of win-win agreements based on the clear and effective demonstration of value and credibility.

Customers who talk about us

We are proud of the help that we have provided our global customers and they are delighted with their development. 


Lammore are excellent trainers. The programs are engaging and motivational. 


The sales team was inspired and confident following the training program and we have had outstanding success using the skills taught. As a result, our latest campaign produced the best ever set of results in Yell’s history. 



Head and shoulders above any sales training experienced. Lammore’s unique approach to sales is second to none. 

Hellman Worldwide Logistics

11/10. An absolutely fabulous and engaging program. Performance is 158% better quarter on quarter post program completion. 


Thank you from the Adwords team for an outstanding training experience. We have matured and improved our skills as a result. Lammore Training is an outstanding experience. 

Leeds University Business School

The feedback from the Executive MBA students was amazing. The program was extremely engaging and very interactive. Lammore comes highly recommended. 

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