5 Key Words that Every Salesperson Has to Understand

Sales is 1000% the bedrock of business and if you don’t understand that, you will lose” Gary Vaynerchuk.

Thank you, Gary, for putting the most important but simplest of facts so well. Those that sit in their ivory towers and think that sales are beneath them or that it’s really the finance department that keep the lights on are about as outdated as a new Dad that refuses to change the baby’s diapers. Get real people!

But guess what, salespeople themselves tend to over complicate the selling process. Remember, if the sales method you adopt is straightforward and you are comfortable with it then this will reflect and resonate with your prospect audience. It’s a little-known fact that if its easy to sell then it’s easy to buy! So, before you start to determine the mix of art and science within the profession make sure you have a grip on these basic but critical ingredients.

  1. Definition Do you know what the definition of sales is? Have you ever looked it up or created a personalized definition that you could share with your prospects and clients? If you think its about the exchange of goods and services for money, then you are in the business of taking orders not making sales. I have mine and its one of my earliest talking points with my decision maker.
  2. Delusion Have you ever come across a cynical or pessimistic salesperson? No, me neither. It’s in our genes to be positive and optimistic about everything we do. But when does this confidence become delusional and what are the internal and external triggers that trip you into the land of make believe. We can convince ourselves of most things but let’s not make our job more challenging with self-dishonesty.
  3. Courage We all have elements of the sales cycle that we shy away from and it’s not typically having to answer questions on product specs we aren’t totally sure of. Handling objections, particularly when they are price based, or asking for the client’s commitment, are 2 instances that seem to regularly get a salespersons’ palms sweaty. Confront your demons and seek support like further learning or coaching to create strategies that help you overcome what you fear most.
  4. Differentiation Ever stood in front of the bathroom mirror and practiced your elevator pitch? I hope so but go and do it again and then ask yourself this very simple question. What are you saying that your competitors aren’t? If you can come up with something, then I would ask you to read the last sentence on point 2 above and think again! The fact is most salespeople sound the same with their all singing all dancing going the extra mile, value added, total solution “BS”. You are going to have to think outside the box to stay ahead and capture hearts and minds.
  5. Beliefs Do you know that people typically buy from people that they share the same or similar beliefs with. It’s a biological fact that clients make decisions based on the why, not the how or the what. Go on YouTube and search for Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle theory to understand more and then create a set of beliefs that you can truly get behind and share with your decision makers, you might just find a way to create a good strategy for point 4 too.

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